Review of Swiss Gear Lighted Hiking Poles

Sometimes purchasing a hiking pole is about getting one that will withstand the tests of time and give you all of the features you will ever need. When that is the case, you want to splurge on a pole by Leki, Black Diamond or Komperdell – these brands know how to make high quality, high end hiking poles that are easy to use and give you the vast amount of support you need, as well as comfortable grips for long term travel.

Sometimes, however, you want to get a pole strictly for the price and to have a pole on hand in case you need it. You may only want to use this pole for a little bit of assistance when you are gradually going down a light hike. In these cases, you simply need a pole – any pole – that you can easily carry with you and will meet your needs better than a stick you find on the ground. That is why many people have decided to purchase the Swiss Gear Lighted Hiking Pole, as the pole is very inexpensive (as low as $12.00 each) and can be found at a variety of different retailers.

Features of the Swiss Gear Lighted Hiking Pole

·        3 size adjustable telescopic shaft lengths.

·        Aluminum alloy shaft.

·        Built in bright LED lights – found inside the handle.

·        Comes with an “anti-shock design” and a carbide tip.

·        Lightweight – only 2lbs.


The Swiss Gear Lighted Hiking Pole is very low cost for hiking poles – especially adjustable hiking poles with anti-shock systems. It is lightweight, weighing only 2lbs total for both poles. It also comes with a flip up LED light found in the handle. Simply flip up the top of the handle and the LED lights can be easily turned on and off for nighttime vision.


The Swiss Gear Lighted Hiking Pole is not known to be very durable. Many users have reported that their poles have bent or shattered within just a few uses, and the locking mechanism for the telescopic sections can seem to simply stop working at a moment’s notice. The anti-shock design is good enough for the casual user but may not be enough for a more aggressive hiker, and the shafts, which are made in China, reflect some of the low cost craftsmanship.

Overall Impressions

It is hard to say to avoid these hiking poles, as they are very low cost and may be enough for the casual hiker that does not often use their poles. It is adjustable, it is lightweight, it does have an anti-shock system and the grips, while not traditionally comfortable, are certainly not awful. In addition, the LED lights are a neat feature that can be helpful for those that are worried about seeing through areas of darkness, and because they are hidden in the handle, they will not impact your hike unless you need them.

Still, the reports of these poles breaking leads one to question their durability, and if the hiking pole might break in the middle of your trip, it may not be useful for even the casual hiker. If you can find a good deal, these poles may be worth the inexpensive splurge, but otherwise try to look for a better model. You can buy it online here.