Review of Stansport Outdoorsman Hiking Poles

Trekology make a variety of products meant for those who love the outdoors, and the TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Trekking Hiking Pole is their latest foray into the trekking and hiking world. Unlike Black Diamond and Leki, Trekology Trekking Poles are designed more for convenience than for functionality, and as such, are generally a little less expensive. But if you are looking for a good but inexpensive pole then the this model should be of interest.

Features of the TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Trekking Hiking Pole

·        Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum shaft.

·        Designed with cork handle with an included compass built into the handle.

·        Collapsible pole that allows it to fit into a very small area, such as a backpack or included bag.

·        Mild shock system for improved support.


The pole itself is the least interesting part of the TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Trekking Hiking Pole . The most interesting aspect of the pole is the collapsible design. The pieces are tied together with a string in the middle, but can be easily taken apart (while still connected via the string), allowing it to fit in a 15 inch bag – MUCH smaller than even the most compact trekking poles. In fact, while most trekking poles can barely fit into carry on luggage, the TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Pole can fit into a small backpack.

The cork handle is very comfortable and the compass is a great little addition. The shaft itself is not prone to breaking, which is a plus.


The Stansport Outdoorsman Trekking Pole is not the best hiking pole around. I found that the handle is prone to coming loose and can move a bit while you walk. The pieces of the shaft (which you put together when you take it out of your bag) can be a little bit flimsy, which can be irritating on a longer. Also, the pole is not adjustable, since you cannot remove the pieces, and it is also difficult to clean which may cause it to degrade over time.

Overall Impressions

I must say, I was a bit conflicted with this pole. In reality, its actually not that great a hiking pole. The flimsy shaft is not likely to withstand tough terrain (and it can lose some of its usefulness for support). The loose handle can be especially irritating and may cause you to slip as you walk. It does not have an adjustable size but does not come with the stability or lightweight that is most often seen with non-adjustable poles.

But, despite these flaws, the TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Trekking Hiking Pole is one of the most portable poles I have used , and this is real benefit. Few other poles can fit into such small bags, and if you are unsure if you will even be using your pole (or how often) you will find it especially valuable since you can easily pack away the pole in a simple backpack and only take it out if and when you need it.

If you want a true hiking pole, it’s best to look elsewhere. But if you need to have a pole on hand even though there is a chance you will never use it, then the ability of the TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Trekking Hiking Pole to fit into a small bag cannot be overlooked as an obvious benefit.