Review of Komperdell Hiking Poles

Though it may not compete with Black Diamond or Leki, Komperdell is by no means a poor hiking and walking pole brand. Quite the contrary, Komperdell has created some incredibly find products that are used in many European countries. They do not have a huge market presence in the United States (indeed, they are rarely known inside North America) but abroad Komperdell has created some of the highest quality trekking poles available, and they are quickly growing in popularity with hikers across the world.

Komperdell’s biggest knock was that it did not have an included anti-shock system that was acceptable for regular use. However, this is no longer true, as several of the newest Komberdell models have at least some type of anti-shock system in place, which is quickly changing the landscape for Komperdell and its appear to regular users.

Examples of Komperdell Products

·        Komperdell C3 Carbon Airshock Compact Trekking Poles

·        Komperdell Titanal Power Lock Trekking Poles

·        Komperdell Guide Anti-Shock Light Walking Pole with Camera Mount

·        Komperdell Antishock Ice Trekking Pole

·        Komperdell Guide Titanal Walking Staff

It is interesting to note that since Komperdell started introducing anti-shock systems into their products, they have quickly climbed in popularity. They already had a fairly extensive lineup, but with their additional features they have been able to greatly increase their benefit to regular users. However, Komperdell is also fairly pricy, because while they may not be a well known brand, they are still a high end brand, and create some of the best available pole products.

Thoughts on Komperdell

Much of the problems that people had with the Komperdell brand were based on the lack of an anti-shock system, which has since been fixed. It is not as high quality an anti-shock system as Black Diamond, but the differences are basically minimal. Another complain about Komperdell was that their product line tended to feature “collapsible” poles that were not very collapsible, making it difficult to fit them in a bag when you were no longer using them. A few of the models have managed to become more compact, but there are still several that lack the collapsibility of Leki and other brands.

Still, Komperdell should not be overlooked when you are looking for your next hiking poles. They have some very good grips, they are very durable, and they are made with high quality material and easily replaceable parts if necessary. As mentioned above, these poles can be fairly pricy, but they are charging for a high quality design that will withstand your hiking needs.Overall, Komperdell is a great product line and one that is much better than its reputation would indicate. While it may be a while before these poles become popular in the United States, if you can find a pole that is comfortable for you now and within your price range, you should strongly consider it, as these hiking and walking poles are still some of the best in the industry. You can buy them online here.