Review of Black Diamond Hiking Poles

For years, Black Diamond has been one of the most popular hiking pole brands on the planet. Designed to be extremely durable, loaded with easy to use features, and made with materials that reduce breakage, Black Diamond is the most popular brand at most mountains in the US, and is competitive abroad despite the tough European market.

Black Diamond’s main strength is the ease and comfort of their features. They are the only hiking pole brand that instituted the “flick lock” system – known to be one of the best available locking systems for adjustable poles, and they have created some of the most reliable anti-shock systems on the market. In fact, the FlipLock system is on all of their poles, so if you enjoy the feature, any Black Diamond pole will have the capabilities.

Examples of Black Diamond Pole Products

·        Black Diamond Trail Shock Compact Trekking Poles

·        Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles

·        Black Diamond Trail Compact Trekking Poles

·        Black Diamond Contour Elliptical Trekking Poles

·        Black Diamond Trail Back Trekking Poles

Most models come in two types – shock and anti-shock varieties. The anti-shock versions are likely to be heavier (with a few exceptions), but many people prefer to go with Black Diamond’s anti-shock poles because they are known in the industry to be very high quality, making them a good choice for those looking to take pressure off of their elbows.

Thoughts on Black Diamond

Black Diamond is an easy choice for hiking pole purchases. Other brands make some high quality models that should be considered, but Black Diamond has come out with some of the more innovative features that are found on every model and not found on other brands.

The FlipLock system, especially, is known for its ease of use – better than Leki, which has a twist lock system that some hikers enjoy. In addition, there are some poles (such as the Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles) that are not a great deal of additional weight despite having the anti-shock system available.

Black Diamond also has very popular grips and there are many options for the kind of pole you need for your excursion, giving you a choice with which one to choose. Lengths and weights can also be changed, as compact models are lighter and smaller for those that require a more compact pole.

The only noticeable downside to choosing a Black Diamond hiking pole is the price. They can be quite a bit more expensive than other hiking poles available – though not much more expensive than the well known European brands.

Overall, Black Diamond has made a variety of solid products that have some of the most popular features in the trekking and hiking worlds. The locking mechanism, light weight, the anti-shock systems and more – all of these make Black Diamond the primary choice for hiking poles across the US, and for good reason. There are very few buyers that do not enjoy their Black Diamond hiking poles, as they continue to make quality, effective products.