Overview of Hiking Pole Manufacturers

When you are ready to get yourself a walking or hiking pole, you want to make sure you go with a manufacturer that specializes in creating walking/hiking pole technology. Any company in the world can simply make a stick and claim that it will help you with your fitness needs, but only a few manufacturers research the materials and design that make a walking pole truly effective, and if you want to make sure that you are getting a high quality product that will last through its outdoor uses, you want to make sure that you go with a company that understands how to make a quality walking pole.

Hiking Pole Manufacturers

·        Black Diamond

Black Diamond is easily one of the best available pole manufactures. Famous for features such as their “flick lock” pole adjusting system, Black Diamond has made some of the most well used professional hiking poles available, with a variety of interesting features, solid designs, and increased durability. Black Diamond poles are going to be some of the more expensive hiking tools, but they are also the most feature rich.

·        Leki

Leki is the most famous pole manufacturer in the world. Founded in Germany, Leki poles are designed specifically for durability and are some of the least likely to break while still maintaining their functionality. Leki is a quality manufacturer, and practically has a monopoly on the German market.

·        Komperdell

Easily one of the oldest trekking pole manufacturers, Komperdell has created several of the most lightweight poles, as well as created some of the first lightweight adjustable poles in history. Created in 1922, Komperdell has consistently been one Austria’s best trekking pole maker. They are not, however, known for their anti-shock systems.

·        Hammers

Hammers has long made some quality walking and hiking poles. Generally inexpensive and reliable, these poles are lower priced and often purchased by more casual hiking pole users. Hammer is not as old as many of the other hiking pole manufacturers and is slowly building a name for itself in the industry.

·        Masters

An Italian company that switched to hiking and walking poles after building their brand name in ski poles (as was often the case for many of the hiking pole manufacturers), Masters poles are very durable and best known for their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

·        Nordic

Nordic poles are more unique, in that they are designed specifically for Nordic walking – a type of street exercise that utilizes walking pole strengths. Nordic poles are longer, and few are designed for harsh weather conditions, but for the Nordic walking they are top of the line.

All of these manufacturers make some great quality hiking poles, and can supply you with the type of pole you need for your hiking, walking, or trekking activity. Your ultimate choice for waking poles, however, should be based on your needs rather than the brand name, and your final decision should be a hiking pole that you will be proud to use regularly for improving your outdoor activities.