How To Make Your Own Walking Stick

Old farmer

My friend is a retired principal who carves walking sticks from dead Aspen as he lives in the foothills of Colorado. This hobby became a business for him when he retired but it began when he started carving sticks to give to
his teachers.

His sticks are carved from dead Aspen. You may use hardwood for your stick or a softer wood such as Aspen depending on where you live. Look for
a stick that is about 1 to 2 inches in diameter. Cut the stick about 52 to 54 inches long. Stand on level ground and measure to the crease in your elbow and add 6 inches. This may or may not be 54 inches,but this is the proper height for a stick.

The stick should be relatively free of deep cracks. If you cut something
that is not dead, you will have to let it dry or age.The stick should be comfortable for you to use.You need a grip in the stick which is a must. Hold the stick as you would a ski pole to properly place the grip.

Use a power tool or a knife to cut the grip into the stick. Drill a hole above the grip and sand the stick using 80 grit, 120 grit and finish sanding with 220 grit sandpaper. When the stick feels smooth to the touch, use a sanding sealer to seal the whole stick.

When the sealer is dry, sand it and apply two coats of a fast drying polyurethane. These products are easy to find in the hardware store. Purchase a piece of leather strap to go through the hole and you are now ready to use the stick, unless you wish to have a rubber tip on the bottom
of the stick.

If so, you can find these in the hardware store to fit the diameter of
your stick. One last touch, is to burn dates and places that you hike,
climb or trek as this gives the stick a real touch of character. This
is much better than a steel trekking pole. Have fun hiking as it is
good for the soul.