How much do trekking poles cost?

The costs of trekking, hiking and walking poles can vary considerably by size, style, features, and brand. The range can be quite extensive – with some poles costing as little as $20, while others are as much as 10 times that amount, valued at approximately 200 dollars or more. As with any type of outdoor product, what you get depends a great deal on the price you’re willing to shell out for it. Here is a handy table showing what you can expect with each of the price ranges for most hiking and trekking poles.

Hiking Poles Between $40 and $100

·        Designed with greater stability and shock resistance for downhill climbs.

·        Most often come with three section adjustable sizes and push lock systems.

·        Grips are made out of rubber, cork, or more comfortable materials.

·        More lightweight than their inexpensive alternatives.

·        Replaceable and removable baskets/parts.

·        Materials designed for reducing chaffing, corrosion resistance, etc.

Once you get within this price range, the value of the poles goes up dramatically. These poles are often made with durable material that reduces corrosion, with grips and wrist straps that are unlikely to cause discomfort on your hands and wrists, as well as jagged point tips made of longer lasting carbine materials.

Hiking Poles Over $100

·        Ultra-lightweight with powerful anti-shock systems.

·        Carbide flex tips and interchangeable weather resistance baskets.

·        Thermal grips for keeping hands at an appropriate temperature.

·        Bonus features such as whistles, compasses, etc.

·        Single hand adjustable shaft lengths.

Hiking and trekking poles that cost over $100 are designed for the avid outdoorsman. They come with all of the features that you need to maximize your outdoor experience, they are made with some of the most durable materials on the planet (including carbon designed specifically for long lasting pole use) and combine easy adjustability with extreme comfort. Everything from the handle to the tip is designed with long lasting support and comfort in mind.

Which Pole to Get

Hiking poles are one of the few items that are still very useful even when you take the inexpensive route. Those that are not going to be in the outdoors very often will find these poles to be highly capable of handling their hiking and walking needs. But those that have a little extra to spend and would prefer extreme convenience, durability and comfort during their hike could benefit greatly from the more expensive hiking poles available.