How do I prevent a carbon fiber pole from breaking?

Carbon fiber hiking poles are made so that they can withstand pressure and last longer better than their aluminum alternatives. Often light weight, these poles have greater amounts of give, so that they are able to withstand some of the pressure of travel without bending or shattering the way that plastic and metal poles have a tendency to do. But like any type of pole or stick, there is always the risk of them breaking on your journey. By preparing for the chance of them breaking and the causes of the breaking, you will be able to reduce the risk of it occurring.

Risks for Breaking Your Carbon Fiber Pole

The first thing that can increase the risk of your carbon fiber pole breaking is if you do not properly maintain it. All of these poles need to be cleaned thoroughly after your journey, because you do not want the water and dirt that you encountered on your journey to start eroding the fibers. Regular maintenance, especially after some of the longer journeys or ones in wet weather conditions should be a regular part of your routine.

Another thing that can break your poles is poorly placed weight. These poles are designed to be used correctly, so if you are unsure how to use the poles in the correct manner, you may increase the chances of the pole receiving too much pressure on one location in the shaft, and that pressure can make the pole weaken. They are designed to handle a great deal of weight, but if that weight is not properly distributed, they are more likely to shatter over time.

Another risk occurs if you get the basket of the carbon fiber pole stuck in an immobile location (such as in between rocks) and then pull the sticks too powerfully. This forces the pressure on only a certain part of the pole. Make sure that if your pole is ever stuck, you gentle remove it from the place it is caught so that you don’t bend it accidentally.

Carbon Fiber Poles Will Withstand Most Events

In almost every situation, carbon fiber poles will be able to withstand the pressure you put on them. Only improper pole techniques and a lack of cleaning will increase the risk of the pole shattering over time. In addition, ultra lightweight poles are going to be more likely to shatter than some of the heavier weights, so keep that in mind as well especially if you expect that you are going to be placing a great deal of weight/pressure on the pole over time.

Provided you take care to make sure that your pole is not handled improperly, you should have no difficulties keeping your carbon fiber pole intact – these poles are sturdier than aluminum poles and designed to handle most weather/weight conditions. Simply learn proper care/maintenance techniques, as well as how to use the poles correctly, and there is much less of a likelihood that these poles will shatter.

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