How do I pick a hiking pole if I’m overweight?

When someone is suffering from obesity or disability, it is very important to stay active however possible. Some activities can be difficult, however, as sports like basketball or tennis require extra mobility that may not be possible. You need options that will have you staying active at your own pace, so that you can continue moving without being forced to walk or run at a speed your body is unable to handle.

One of the best ways to stay active then is with trekking across the outdoors. Walking alone is a helpful tool for staying active and keeping your heart healthy, but trekking outside will help you enjoy your surroundings and make your walk considerably more enjoyable. The problem is that these long walks can put a lot of pressure on your joints, and if your legs are unable to handle that pressure, the trek will be over just as soon as it is started.

In order to make the trek easier, you will need to get a trekking pole so that you can reduce the pressure on your legs and knees and make the entire walk easier. It will also help you maintain your balance and allow you to easily maneuver across the tougher terrain. You want to make sure you get a trekking pole that will work for your size and abilities, because you will be depending on the trekking pole more than the casual user. Here are several things you should consider before purchasing the pole.

–          How Well Does it Handle Weight?

Some of the ultra lightweight trekking poles were only designed to handle moderate weight, rather than considerable pressure. If you expect to rely heavily on the power of the pole before using it because otherwise you would have a problem going a great distance, you may want to get one of the stronger trekking poles designed to handle that type of pressure.

–          Should You Use Two Poles?

When you use two poles instead of one, you are able to balance your entire body better, keep yourself completely erect, and will be less likely to roll to the opposite side if you have balance problems. However, using two poles requires a different type of walking motion – one that you need to be comfortable with. Two poles is more useful, and great if you have balance issues or need additional support, but if you only need one then perhaps using a single pole is more beneficial.

–          What are the Materials?

The tips and shafts of these walking poles can bend and crack over time. If you are dependent on these poles for support, you need to find one that is least likely to have broken parts, because you would not want the poles to snap in half in the middle of your trek before you have had a chance to go back.

Overweight or disabled users that are going to depend on their poles much more for trekking and safety should be careful to ensure that the poles will withstand the entire journey. Check the history of the pole and reviews to make sure it can handle the pressure. Otherwise, the pole will be a great way to keep you active and allow you to enjoy the outdoors more often.