How do I maneuver over water with a hiking pole?

Whenever you are travelling across varied outdoor terrain, there is always the chance that you are going to come across an area you are not prepared for. For example, you may easily find yourself staring at a stream or water area in front of you that may be problematic to cross with just your legs, as slipping or getting caught in the current is a serious risk.

Trekking poles are designed to help you cross these areas with extra help. When you use trekking poles to cross over water, the pole or poles act as additional legs, giving you the extra support you need to help make your way over the water path. Trekking poles help you cross the water in a variety of different ways:

·        Balancing on Rocks

Sometimes you will find that there is a rock area that you can step over in order to get to the other side, but these rocks may be wet or loose, and may cause you to lose your balance. With the trekking pole, you can set each pole into the water to help you keep your balance and take less of the weight off of your feet when you are walking over the rocks, reducing your likelihood of slipping.

·        Keeping Still in the Current

Hiking and trekking poles can also be planted inside the water, taking away some of the force of the current. When you have the water pressing at your side without trekking poles, the force of the water may push you sideways. But with a pole at an angle that reduces that pressure, you will be able to stay standing.

·        Testing the Water for Deepness

Some areas of water are easy to cross, but even the safest stream may occasionally have an unsafe area. With trekking poles, you can test out the deepness of the water to make sure that it is safe to step there. The last thing you want to do is assume that the ground is level, and take a step into a giant, invisible hole.

·        Simply Trekking Across Water

Water itself provides extra pressure and less stability. It is easier to slip, and the weight that you will feel as you move through the water can put increased pressure on your legs. Also, you need to climb up a slight incline with the stream, the chances of slipping are even greater. Trekking poles will reduce the risk of slipping, take extra pressure off your legs, and simply make the process easier for you to handle.

Trekking Poles Across Water

The point of trekking poles is to assist you with your journey in every possible scenario. These poles can help you up and down hills, they can help you across long terrains, and they can also help you deal with streams and rivers should you come across any. There is are reason that trekking poles are a good addition to your hiking trip.